The 5 Star Pools 

Swimming Pools installations 

The 5 Star Pools specialise in build in swimming pools and we was established by putting together a team of an experienced workforce. Today we are popularly known as one of the best swimming pools builder in Cape Town  .

About The 5 Star Pools 

We are the registered Company , we specialize in swimming pools installation and Build in pools , we do renovations and repair of pump and filters , we are based in Cape Town western cape.

Build in Swimming pool 

We do build in swimming pools from scratch, we are the best team which can design and Build an everlasting pool for your family, a very nice cake of swimming pools when it comes on the finish,

  1. Digging the hole 
  2. Concrete and mesh wire 
  3. Building wall 
  4. Plastering 
  5. Fiberglass lining
  6. Coppings installation 
  7. Pump and filter installation 
  8. Painting 
  9. Mosaic installation 
  10. Electricity set up  

That is the sequence of build in pools. 

Fiberglass Pool Installation 

We specialize on Fiberglass pool installations, repainting, refiber lining, we are the best team when it comes on leveling the pool, and we are not that very expensive for all swimming pools installation 

  1. Digging the hole 
  2. Leveling and installation 
  3. Mixing cement for backfill 
  4. Water and backfill together 
  5. Filter and pump installation 
  6. Coppings installation 
  7. Electricity set up 

That is the sequence of Fiberglass pool installations 

NOTE we don't buy the shell we just install for you , contact us for more information 

Our Services of swimming pools. 

  • New swimming pool installation 
  • New swimming pool build up
  • Painting or repainting 
  • Fiberglass linings 
  • Pump and filter Services 
  • Paving installation 
  • Mosaic installation 
  • Plumbing 
  • Electrician 
  • Fishponds 

All that service is fix and supply. 

Build in Swimming Pools 


Go through all of the projects and choose one of the projects then we can built it for you, we are here to build your dream.

Our recommendation


We do the best for our clients so that they can do the best for us when they comment our work, we are here just to build their dream .